Perry High School Art Club

Club Notes:

Location: Art room, #212

Teacher: Mrs. Belgarde, 


From: 3:15-4:15

About: Anything art related, clay,appinting,drawing, ect. 

What is Art Club: Art club if somewhere you can create any piece of art you want to, you can paint, draw,sculpt. Anything creative, you can do it. 

What can you do in the Art Club: Anything art related

When is Art Club: Every Monday. 

What Art Club is about from Ms.Belgarde: “Art club is meant to be a relaxing place for students to come and be creative with art.  It is meant to give students the freedom to do any type of project that they can think of.  It also is a time when students who might not do art during the school day can come and be creative. I hope that it will be a fun and inspiring time for all.” – Mrs.Belgarde

Art Club News

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