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Offered both as an activity that and as a class, this is new to Perry High School in many ways.  It does include the yearbook class that has a tradition at PHS, but also brings back past newspapers and news outlets for Perry Schools but in a new format.

Digital Media 1 & 2 – In these courses students will develop skills that will benefit them in the future in most business environments. In addition to producing and publishing on the school yearbook they will be producing news and publishing through the Radio, Newspaper, Blogs, Youtube, Podcasts and more! A commitment to outside of the class period work time is required and will be very rewarding.

This class is geared as the followup to Video Design, Design 1&2, and Microsoft Office/Tech 1 classes. In the first class students will be exposed to all the mediums and spend time in each of them producing content. In the second class they will specialize in two of the areas. If they return as an Intern in the class after 1 & 2, they will serve as a director working with Mr. Burger on coordination of the overall projects. Technologies/Software Used: Adobe Photoshop/inDesign, WordPress, WeVideo, TreeRing Layout, radio broadcast hardware/software, streaming video switching/editing including OBS Studio, Youtube, Vimeo, Mevo, Google Apps and more!


Digital Media / Yearbook News

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