Perry High School MVP

MVP stands for Mentors in Violence prevention that was made to make/ raise awareness about bullying with bystanders, opening dialogue, challenging thinking, and leadership. 

To get into MVP you have to have good attendance, performance, behavior, and a positive attitude for the perry high school.

What MVP people do: they work with the freshmen in their success class to show how to be an active bystander in different ways.

When the meet: on Tuesday and Thursday at 3rd period 

Who runs MVP?: Ms. Bahney and Mrs. Krohn Mr. Sorensen and Mr. Modlin 

How does it work?: MVP leaders are put in success classes to do lessons

What should a MVP student do?: they are helping to make a safe place for kids in school for a anti bully zone

How MVP deals with bullying: they show the kids how to deal with it when they are the victim and when they see it.

What does MVP stand for: Mentors in Violence Prevention

The following sponsors are Christine Krohn, Allisa Bahney, Tami Valline, Anne Horgen, Angelica Cardenas, Adam Modlin, Broc Sorensen.

MVP News

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