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Our main goal each week is to get better and improve. We structure our practices in this fashion. Each Monday during the season we meet as a team right after school to review our game film from the week before. It’s a great chance as a coaching staff to point out both things we did well and mistakes we made. The practice we have outside following film review is to work on a skill that we didn’t do very well the week before. Our Tuesday and Wednesday practices are our true “work” days preparing for our next opponent. We implement our game plan and get prepared as best we can. Thursday is our review day. We make sure we correct any mistakes still being made and answer any questions our players might still have. 

While our practice and game schedule is important, there are other aspects of our program that we put a high priority on. We’re big on effort, attitude, and teamwork, or EAT as we say. You have to be hungry for success, and when you’re hungry you must EAT. For us, that means coming every day and putting forth your best effort. We want our players to work as hard as they can with 100% of their effort each practice and game. We also want our kids to display a great attitude. Enjoying the game of football and being an uplifting teammate are crucial for success. The last piece is we want to have great teamwork. No individual player can produce team success; we have to work as a cohesive unit to do that. Our belief as a coaching staff is if we can get our team aligned on these three core values of our program it will lead to more success on Friday nights.  

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Greene County, Nevada Community School District, PCM High School, Perry, Roland-Story School, Saydel Community Schools, South Hamilton High School, West Marshall

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