Perry High School Game Club

As far as information, we meet once a week after school and it’s open to all students and staff.  We play card games, board games, and any other games that interest people.

Game Club is a place for all students and all staff. In Game Club we play all sorts of different games! From cards games to boards to even computer games! Some of the usual games that we play are Uno, (that one sheriff game), and Isaac of Binding Card Game to just name a few. As you can see we play a variety of miscellaneous games. 

Game Club brings a lot of snacks in for people planning on staying! (list snacks and foods that Mrs. Blum serves) (finish off by saying something about how not every time there will be something guaranteed)

If you ever feel like coming down to Game Club, it’s on Mondays after school and begins at 3:30 or however early we decide. I hope you enjoy your stay and see you there.

Game Club

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