Perry High School Band

This year the Perry Music department is doing a lot. Last year the Band wasn’t able to do things as normal; they weren’t able to participate in any competitions for example. A lot of the students were looking forward to doing a lot of things that they didn’t get to do. This year they get to participate in one competition. They also get to have an actual performance called “Step Into The Light.” composed by Jason Nitsch. The band will be present at every football game at home this year. You can expect the band to be at almost all of the varsity basketball games. Jazz Band will start in the late Fall/Winter. Your kid can still join even if they aren’t in a band. This year during spring break the Perry Music department is going on a trip to New York City. The band gets to have a performance where they will be playing their concert band music. They will also be participating in multiple different fundraisers. The Perry band has been working hard to entertain us. They practice their stand cheers and their performance every day. They get to school before 7:15 and they start practicing on the practice field starting at 7:15. They recommend this practice so that they can be ready for our football games. There are a few special jobs in the Perry band such as Drum Majors and section leaders.

Band Director: Blaine Schmidt
Drum Majors: Amber Benway, Sebastian Hernandez, and Riley Crawford
Section Leaders: Orlando Gonzalez , Molly Moorhead, Tony Roe, Bryce Eastman, Nate Lutterman, Jefry Gonzalez, Jose Chaves and David Soto-Rojas

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